We are a group that thinks and invents to create the next paradigm.

Shunsuke Morii,   AsaB Founder

The name AsaB originates from a collective of thinkers who discover hidden Social Architecture within traditional A-to-B paths and aim to advance society by reconstructing these elements.

The Team

Shunsuke Morii
Founder & CEO
Founded multiple businesses in college, later establishing LIBASE Inc., which was acquired to United Inc. in 2021. Subsequently, founded Teracy and AsaB Inc., serving as Founder & CEO for both.
在学中に起業し、複数事業を立ち上げ売却。2社目として株式会社リベイスを創業し、2021年6月に東証グロース市場上場のユナイテッド株式会社に売却。3社目としてTeracy株式会社、4社目として、AsaB株式会社を創業しFounder & CEOを務める。
Nao Omiya
Engineered products for various companies, then focused on Dapps and community work in blockchain from 2017. Product Manager for AsaB.
Hayato Matumura
Lead Engineer
Started as a system engineer for accounting systems. Joined SocialDog, developing web services like analytics. Joined Teracy in December 2021, primarily developing AsaB's Opus.
Yuki Matsuoka
Started at Yahoo, designing UI/UX for a top-tier consumer service in Japan. Later, led UI/UX and design strategy at Teracy Corp and served as AsaB's creative director.
Tatsuoki Asazu
Started at DeNA, then experienced Rebase's sale and PMI. Later, COO at Teracy and handled Bizdev at AsaB.
Kota Nakamura
As a freelancer, worked on diverse web services including Dapps development and regional analysis using big data. Involved in the development of Opus at AsaB.
Carl Agliam
Served as a product designer for LawAdvisor Ventures, focusing on UI/UX strategy and improvements. Later joined Teracy and AsaB, handling UI/UX.
LawAdvisor VenturesにてプロダクトデザイナーとしてUIUXの戦略策定、改善に従事。その後TeracyとAsaBに参画し、UIUX全般業務を担当。